Andrew Santiago & Marvin Perdomo

“We all have a voice, it's how that voice is heard that can make the difference. ”

Andrew Santiago, audio engineer,artist, and administrator. An Alumni of both I.A.R. And Berkeley. After graduating with a better understanding of audio and production he began running his own recording sessions and collaborating with other artist. Applying to his passion, a tenured ten year experience of building client relations and revenue as a successful store manager. He looks forward toward partnering with Marvin Perdomo in growing the success of both Bravery Studios and it's podcasters.
Marvin Perdomo, photographer, videographer, and creative director. Beginning his career in media, through interviewing and production of video documentaries. He transitioned into live podcast. Utilizing his proficiency in photography and videography to develop Bravery Studios into a podcasting station. Producing multiple shows weekly, Marvin successfully works with each podcast to establish a fanbase and to produce quality digital media at a professional level.